RCY VIP 2018

    Volunteer Instructors' Programme

    - Batch 20/19 // It's Time. -

  • What now?

    I. Uncertainty

    Leaving secondary school behind

    and with that... RCY?

  • I'm Free?

    II. Fatigue

    Studying and life is hard enough.

    Why should I do anything more?

  • Where to next?

    III. Moving on

    Time to go to tertiary education, do new things.

    That's enough, right?

  • Which is Right?

    IV. Choices

    At this crossroad, I have two choices.

    Which choice is right?

  • Who's left behind?

    V. Memories

    All those times with my juniors and unit

    Can I really bear to leave those behind?

  • VI. Something more.

    It's not the end.

    I can be more.

    I can be Made.

  • VI. Volunteer Instructors.

    I can be Made to Lead With Pride.

  • How It Works

    The VIP Journey towards becoming part of the RCY VI Family



    Submit Registration Form (below)

    by 1 November 2018


    Phase 1

    Experience and pass VIP Camp & RCYC

    7-10 December 2018


    Phase 2

    Be Trained in at least 2 RCY Subjects

    15-16 December 2018



    Pass Theoretical & Lesson Presentation Assessment Online by 2 January 2019

    Attain SFA by 13 January 2019




    Begin your VI Unit Deployment

    14 January 2019


    Phase 3

    Passing Out Ceremony

    Don your ACO rank as official VIs during FLARE

    19 January 2019

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    - Be Made to Lead With Pride -

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have more questions, email cpd.rcy@redcross.sg

    What if I have to miss certain sessions of VIP?

    Do email us beforehand on which part of VIP you will not be able to attend. Your situation will be reviewed by the trainers on a case by case basis. However, participants who miss more than 1 day of Camp cannot pass the programme.

    Can I be posted back to my alma mater?

    Yes, you can request to be posted back to your alma mater during school deployment. Your teacher will decide if you will be deployed there for the VI cycle of that year. You will know the results by 14 January 2019.

    Must I pay for the VI Attire?

    The VI Youth Leader Shirt and Vest will be provided for all

    VIs who pass VIP and are officially deployed to a unit in 2019

    Can VIs be counted as a CCA in my tertiary institution?

    Different tertiary institutions have varied CCA regulations; some accept VIs as an external CCA commitment. You have to check with your respective institutions regarding this. In the event that your institution recognises external CCAs, you can claim your VI Service Hours as proof to your institution.

    What is the minimum number of hours I must commit to be a VI?

    The VI Youth Leader Shirt and Vest will be provided for VIs who pass VIP and are officially deployed to a unit in 2019.


    Depending on your personal commitments, we hope that you can commit up to 30+ hours per year in order to get promoted in the following year.

    • For VIs enrolled in Junior College:
      Min 12 hours to unit
      Min 18 hours to Event/District Activities
    • For VIs enrolled in Polytechnic and ITE:
      Min 18 hours to unit

      Min 12 hours to Event/District Activities

    Now that I'm a VI, I realise I have too many commitments. What do I do?

    If you wish to take a break for that year, you do not have to apply for the VI Cycle for that year, and you can apply for the VI Cycle in the following year.


    Note that priority for HQ Events will be given to VIs who have applied for the VI Cycle. You will also not be allowed to wear the VI Attire during the period when you're taking a break.


    During that break period, you are still a Youth Volunteer. Thus you will be able to join youth events (FAC, WRCD etc) as youth volunteers.

    Can I join if I am taking my N Levels this year, as I am not sure if I will be taking my O Levels next year depending on my results?

    Yes you can. However, you will not be deployed back to an RCY unit as a VI if you choose to take your O levels in 2019 in your secondary school. You can inform the VIP Trainers of your decision after your N level results.

    Can I be a VI and join Chapters in my tertiary school?

    Yes, you can be both a VI and Chapter member.

    How much time will I spend as a VI?

    You are required to fulfill your minimum hours in your unit. How many events and activities you decide to commit yourself to is ultimately up to you.

    Must I join all HQ events as a VI?

    No, you do not have to. You are, however, encouraged to become mentors/trainers at the workshops and camps conducted at district and national level, more than the required amount for your cycle.

    Is there a set of rules that governs VIs? Why must there be rules?

    Yes, there is a set of rules that govern VIs. It has been compiled into a booklet entitled ‘Code of Conduct for HQ Volunteers’.

    Rules ensure that all VIs understand and practice the common standards of discipline, thereby allowing them to serve as good role models to cadets and portray a well-respected image to the community as HQ volunteers.

  • Our Commitment to Our Youths

    The VI Cycle

    Every year in October, all VIs will apply for the VI Cycle of the following year, pledging their commitment to the school unit which they are attached to. Upon the YO's confirmation of their deployment, the cycle begins on the 1st Saturday of the year, till 31 Dec of that year.


    VIs can choose to not apply for the VI Cycle if they wish to take a break (national exams, final year projects, studying overseas), and can still apply for the VI Cycle in the following years.


    By applying for VIP this year, you are automatically applying for the VI Cycle of 2019.

  • Opportunities at HQ

    Gold Modular Workshops & Masterclasses

    As VIs, we help cadets to go beyond the standard curriculum and train them to be experts in their respective fields of interest.


    They look to us for guidance and knowledge beyond what they can learn in their units.

    Warrant Officers Programme

    The Warrant Officers Programme is a platform to develop and groom capable young leaders with great potential to influence the future of their school units.

    As VIs, we can develop the heart and minds of these young individuals so that they may bring their units to greater heights.

    Unit Specialists Programme

    VIs are crucial to ensure the standards of the RCY subjects are high across all 41 RCY cadet units. The Unit Specialists Programme will be the new platform where we teach our cadets how to conduct lessons and mentor them to have confidence in delivering lessons of their own so they can become inspiring instructors back in their units.

    First Aid Duties with Cadets

    The best place to lead beyond the confines of school while putting your first aid skills to good use by serving the public. Here is where we use our experience to hone our cadets' FA skills and inspire them to continue FA even outside unit training!

    National Day Parade, Singapore Youth Festival, National Camp

    Nation building is very important in our cadets' education. Thus, we do our part as VIs to mentor our cadets through the long training sessions and camps to keep their spirits high and remember why they're committing so much for Singapore.

    District Activities

    VIs create experiences for cadets beyond the RCY curriculum in our mission to develop them into Humanitarian Youths, form stronger bonds between them and us and strengthen their desire to further their humanitarian cause beyond secondary school


    During district activities, VIs expand the cadets' view of the RCY family beyond their schools and into their communities.

    RCY Competitions

    While planning and training cadets for competitions, VIs enable cadets to showcase their proficiency in the RCY curriculum and push them towards becoming Humanitarians that value Excellence and Learning.


    Through training for such competitions they will be guided and motivated to strive for success and higher standards of excellence, both for themselves and for their units.






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